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I pride myself in the diversity of my work. I'm always happy to try out a new format, whether it's text, video, audio, or interactive design. I just like speaking truth — I don't particularly care what form it takes. That's why I spent two years studying Game Design full-time at NYU. Encompassing programming, art, music, writing, architecture, user experience, and more, video games as a medium are a true gestalt — a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like opera before it, games take master artisans from a number of different crafts and ask them to make meaning together. I like to think I've picked up a lot of skills in pursuing them. I've devoted this page to works I'm especially proud of, but you can find even more games at my page, linked below.

Play With Me

Break out of your routine and look at the world around you with a more playful eye using this low-pressure, introspective zine full of games designed to help you be well.


Monster Lover

Play as Dalia the witch and romance her sweetie, Leonard the fire monster, in this cute but NSFW adventure!


Time Decay

A personal, narrative platforming game that uses speedrunning as a metaphor for a story about puberty as a transgender youth



Find yourself stranded in a world of deception and hidden alliances in DoubleTalk. Use honesty to find your allies, lies to avoid your enemies, and your cultural knowledge to craft clever clues. But watch out! You don’t know who is on which side.



Cook-off is a competitive cooking card game. Combine ingredients to make recipes with the most stars to win. Each recipe requires ingredients from different food groups.


Under The Bus

A school is a place where people come together to learn and make friends, right? Maybe in TV shows, but not in real life, and definitely not in this game! Come together with your fellow classmates, teachers, and staff to write nasty rumors and insult each other. At the very least? It’ll be one heck of a learning experience.


Context Modules for Come Out and Play

These are context modules to facilitate play in the Tabletop RPG "Come Out and Play," soon to be released by Jeff Petriello, Claire Carré, and Michelle Ehrhardt.


The Lab

A one-shot for the Fate tabletop RPG ruleset set in the mid-late '70s, this story centers on an outrageous nightclub for superheroes based on Studio 54. A flamboyant and glamorous ode to silver age comics in the style of Venture Bros.

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